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  • Title: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)
  • Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak

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    Author: Robert Greene
    Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak
    Peer Reviewed

    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)

    Historie of Frier Bacon.

    1Enter, Edward the first malcontented with Lacy earle of Lin-
    colne, Iohn Warren earle of Sussex, and Ermsbie gentle-
    man: Raph Simnell the kings foole.


    5WHY lookes my lord like to a troubled skie,
    When heauens bright shine, is shadowed with a fogge:
    Alate we ran the deere and through the Lawndes
    Stript with our nagges the loftie frolicke bucks,
    That scudded fore the teisers like the wind,
    10Nere was the Deere of merry Fresingfield,
    So lustily puld down by iolly mates,
    Nor sharde the Farmers such fat venison,
    So franckly dealt this hundred yeares before:
    Nor haue I seene my lord more frolicke in the chace,
    15And now changde to a melancholie dumpe.
    Warren. After the Prince got to the keepers lodge
    And had been iocand in the house a while:
    Tossing of ale and milke in countrie cannes,
    Whether it was the countries sweete content:
    20Or els the bonny damsell fild vs drinke
    That seemd so stately in her stammell red:
    Or that a qualme did crosse his stomacke then,
    But straight he fell into his passions.
    Ermsbie. Sirra Raphe, what say you to your maister,