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  • Title: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)
  • Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak

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    Author: Robert Greene
    Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak
    Peer Reviewed

    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)

    The honourable historie of Frier Bacon.
    2. Scholler. And mine Serlsbie.
    Bacon. Bungay, I smell there will be a tragedie.

    Enter Lambert and Serlsbie, with Rapiers and daggers.

    1820Lambert. Serlsby thou hast kept thine houre like a man,
    Th'art worthie of the title of a squire:
    That durst for proofe of thy affection,
    And for thy mistresse fauour prize thy bloud,
    Thou knowst what words did passe at Fresingfield,
    1825Such shamelesse braues as manhood cannot brooke:
    I for I skorne to beare such piercing taunts,
    Prepare thee Serlsbie one of vs will die.
    Serlsbie. Thou seest I single thee the field,
    And what I spake, Ile maintaine with my sword.
    1830Stand on thy guard I cannot scold it out.
    And if thou kill me, thinke I haue a sonne,
    That liues in Oxford in the Brodgates hall,
    Who will reuenge his fathers bloud with bloud.
    Lambert. And Serlsbie I haue there a lusty boy,
    1835That dares at weapon buckle with thy sonne,
    And liues in Broadgates too as well as thine,
    But draw thy Rapier for weele haue a bout.
    Bacon. Now lustie yonkers looke within the glasse,
    And tell me if you can discerne your sires.
    18401. Scol. Serlsbie tis hard, thy father offers wrong,
    To combat with my father in the field.
    2. Schol. Lambert thou liest, my fathers is the abuse,
    And thou shalt find it, if my father harme.
    Bungay. How goes it sirs.
    18451. Scholler. Our fathers are in combat hard by Fresingfield.
    Bacon. Sit still my friendes and see the euent.
    Lambert. Why standst thou Serlsbie doubtst thou of thy life,
    A venie man, faire Margret craues so much.
    Serlbie. Then this for her.
    18501. Scholler. Ah well thrust.
    2. Schol.