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  • Title: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)
  • Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak

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    Author: Robert Greene
    Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak
    Peer Reviewed

    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)

    The honourable historie of Frier Bacon.
    Burden. I passe not of his friuolous speeches.
    275Miles. Nay maister Burden, my maister ere hee hath done
    with you, will turne you from a doctor to a dunce, and shake you
    so small, that he will leaue no more learning in you than is in Ba-
    laams Asse.
    Bacon. Maisters, for that learned Burdens skill is deepe,
    280And sore he doubts of Bacons Cabalisme:
    Ile shew you why he haunts to Henly oft,
    Not doctors for to tast the fragrant aire:
    But there to spend the night in Alcumie,
    To multiplie with secret spels of art.
    285Thus priuat steales he learning from vs all,
    To prooue my sayings true, Ile shew you straight,
    The booke he keepes at Henly for himselfe.
    Miles. Nay now my maister goes to coniuration, take heede.
    Bacon. Maisters stand still, feare not, Ile shewe you but his
    Heere he coniures.

    Per omnes deos infernales Belcephon.

    Enter a woman with a shoulder of mutton
    on a spit, and a Deuill.

    295Miles. Oh maister cease your coniuration, or you spoile all, for
    heeres a shee diuell come with a shoulder of mutton on a spit, you
    haue mard the diuels supper, but no doubt hee thinkes our Col-
    ledge fare is slender, and so hath sent you his cooke with a shoul-
    der of mutton to make it exceed.
    300Hostesse. Oh where am I, or whats become of me.
    Bacon. What art thou?
    Hostesse. Hostesse at Henly mistresse of the Bell.
    Bacon. How camest thou heere.
    Hostesse. As I was in the kitchen mongst the maydes,
    305Spitting the meate against supper for my guesse:
    A motion mooued me to looke forth of dore.