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  • Title: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)
  • Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak

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    Author: Robert Greene
    Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak
    Peer Reviewed

    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)

    Enter the Emperour with a pointles sword, next the King of
    2075 Castile, carrying a sword with a point, Lacie carying the
    globe Ed. Warr. carrying a rod of gold with a doue on it,
    Ermsby with a crowne and Scepter, The queene with the
    faire maide of Frisingfield on her left hand, Henry, Bacon
    with other Lords attending.
    2080Edward. Great potentates earths miracles for state,
    Thinke that prince Edward humbles at your feet,
    And for these fauours on his martiall sword,
    He vowes perpetuall homage to your selues,
    Yeelding these honours vnto Ellinour.
    2085Henrie. Gramercies Lordlings, old Plantagenet,
    That rules and swayes the Albion diademe,
    With teares discouers these conceaued ioyes,
    And vowes requitall, if his men at armes,
    The wealth of England, or due honours done
    2090To Ellinour, may quite his fauorites.
    But all this while what say you to the Dames,
    That shine like to the cristall lampes of heauen?
    Emperour. If but a third were added to these two
    They did surpasse those gorgeous images,
    2095That gloried Ida with rich beauties wealth.
    Margret. Tis I my lords who humbly on my knee,
    Must yelde her orisons to mightie Ioue,
    For lifting vp his handmaide to this state,
    Brought from her homely cottage to the court,
    2100And graste with Kings Princes and Emperours,
    To whom (next to the noble Lincolne Earle)
    I vowe obedience, and such humble loue,
    As may a handmaid to such mightie men.
    Ellinour. Thou martiall man that wears the Almaine crowne,
    2105And you the westerne Potentates of might,
    The Albian Princesse, English Edwards wife,
    Prowde that the louely star of Frisingfield,
    Faire Margret, Countesse to the Lincolne Earle,
    Attendes on Ellinour, gramercies Lord for her,
    2110Tis I giue thanks for Margret to you all,
    And rest for her due bounden to your selues.
    Henrie. Seeing the marriage is solemnised,
    Lets martch in triumph to the royall feast,
    But why stands Frier Bacon here so mute?
    2115Bacon. Repentant for the follies of my youth,
    That Magicks secreat misteries misled,
    And ioyfull that this roiall marriage,
    Portendes such blisse vnto this matchles realme.
    Hen. Why Bacon what straunge euẽt shall happẽ to this land
    2120Or what shall grow from Edward and his Queene.
    Bacon. I find by deepe praescience of mine art,
    Which once I tempred in my secreat cell,
    That here where Brute did build his Troynouant,
    From forth the royall garden of a King,
    2125Shall flowrish out, so rich and faire a bud,
    Whose brightnesse shall deface proude Phoebus flowre,
    And ouer-shadow Albion with her leaues.
    Til then, Mars shall be maister of the field,
    But then the stormie threats of wars shall cease,
    2130The horse shall stampe as careles of the pike,
    Drums shallbe turnd to timbrells of delight,
    With wealthy fauours, plentie shall enrich,
    The strond that gladded wandring Brute to see,
    And peace from heauen shall harbour in these leaues,
    2135That gorgeous beautifies this matchles flower,
    Appollos Hellitropian then shall stoope,
    And Venus hyacinth shall vaile her top,
    Iuno shall shut her Gilliflowers vp,
    And Pallace bay shall bash her brightest greene,
    2140Ceres carnation in consort with those,
    Shall stoope and wonder at Dianas rose.
    Henrie. This Prophesie is mysticall,
    But glorious commaunders of Europas loue,
    That makes faire England like that wealthy Ile,
    2145Circled with Gihen, and first Euphrates,
    In royallising Henries Albion,
    With presence of your princelie mightines,
    Lets march, the tables all are spread,
    And viands such as Englands wealth affoords,
    2150Are ready set to furnish out the boords,
    You shall haue welcome mighty potentates,
    It rests to furnish vp this royall feast,
    Only your hearts be frolick for the time,
    Craues that we tast of nought but iouysaunce,
    2155Thus glories England ouer all the west. Exeunt omnes.
    Finis Frier Bacon, made by Robert Greene,
    Maister of Arts.
    Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit vtile dulci.