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  • Title: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)
  • Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak

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    Author: Robert Greene
    Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak
    Peer Reviewed

    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)

    The honourable historie of Frier Bacon.
    Edward. I am vnknowne, not taken for the Prince,
    They onely deeme vs frolicke Courtiers,
    135That reuell thus among our lieges game:
    Therefore I haue deuised a pollicie,
    Lacie, thou knowst next friday is S. Iames,
    And then the country flockes to Harlston faire,
    Then will the keepers daughter frolicke there,
    140And ouer-shine the troupe of all the maids,
    That come to see, and to be seene that day.
    Haunt thee disguisd among the countrie swaines,
    Fain thart a farmers sonne, not far from thence,
    Espie her loues, and who she liketh best:
    145Coat him, and court her to controll the clowne,
    Say that the Courtier tyred all in greene,
    That helpt her handsomly to run her cheese,
    And fild her fathers lodge with venison,
    Commends him, and sends fairings to herselfe,
    150Buy some thing worthie of her parentage,
    Not worth her beautie for Lacie then the faire,
    Affoords no Iewell fitting for the mayd:
    And when thou talkest of me, note if she blush,
    Oh then she loues, but if her cheekes waxe pale,
    155Disdaine it is. Lacie send how she fares,
    And spare no time nor cost to win her loues.
    Lacie. I will my lord so execute this charge,
    As if that Lacie were in loue with her.
    Edward. Send letters speedily to Oxford of the newes.
    160Raphe. And sirha Lacie, buy me a thousand thousand milli-
    on of fine bels.
    Lacie. What wilt thou doe with them Raphe?
    Raphe. Mary euery time that Ned sighs for the keepers
    daughter, Ile tie a bell about him, and so within three or foure
    165daies I will send word to his father Harry, that his sonne and my
    maister Ned is become Loues morris dance.
    Edward. Well Lacie, looke with care vnto thy charge,
    And I will hast to Oxford to the Frier,