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  • Title: The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)
  • Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
  • Coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)

    of Henry the fifth.
    I would not vouchsafe so much as one looke,
    Untill you had related all these vnreasonable demands.
    Hen.5. Tush Kate, I know thou wouldst not vse me so
    Hardly: But tell me, canst thou loue the king of England?
    1525 Kate. How should I loue him, that hath dealt so hardly
    With my father.
    Hen.5. But ile deale as easily with thee,
    As thy heart can imagine, or tongue can require,
    How saist thou, what will it be?
    1530 Kate. If I were of my owne direction,
    I could giue you answere:
    But seeing I stand at my fathers direction,
    I must first know his will.
    Hen.5. But shal I haue thy good wil in the mean season?
    1535 Kate. Whereas I can put your grace in no assurance,
    I would be loth to put you in any dispaire.
    Hen.5. Now before God, it is a sweete wench.
    She goes aside, and speakes as followeth.
    Kat. I may thinke my selfe the happiest in the world,
    1540That is beloued of the mightie king of England.
    Hen.5. Well Kate, are you at hoast with me?
    Sweete Kate, tel thy father from me,
    That none in the world could sooner haue perswaded me to
    It then thou, and so tel thy father from me.
    1545 Kat. God keepe your Maiestie in good health.
    Exit. Kat.
    Hen.5. Far wel sweet Kate, in faith, it is a sweet wench,
    But if I knew I could not haue her fathers good wil,
    I would so rowse the Towers ouer his eares,
    1550That I would make him be glad to bring her me,
    Upon his hands and knees
    Exit King.
    Enters Dericke, with his girdle full of shooes.
    Der. How now? Sownes it did me good to see how
    1555I did triumph ouer the French men.