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  • Title: The History of King Leir (Quarto, 1605)
  • Editor: Andrew Griffin

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editor: Andrew Griffin
    Peer Reviewed

    The History of King Leir (Quarto, 1605)

    The History of King Leir
    If she do loue you as a child should do:
    You haue tryed two, try one more for my sake,
    Ile ne're intreat you further tryall make.
    Remember well the dream you had of late,
    1785And thinke what comfort it foretels to vs.
    Leir. Come, truest friend, that euer man possest,
    I know thou counsailst all things for the best:
    If this third daughter play a kinder part,
    It comes of God, and not of my desert. Exeunt.
    1790Enter the Gallian Ambassador solus.
    Am. There is of late newes come vnto the Court,
    That old Lord Leir remaynes in Cambria:
    Ile hye me thither presently, to impart
    My letters and my message vnto him.
    1795I neuer was lesse welcome to a place
    In all my life time, then I haue bin hither,
    Especially vnto the stately Queene,
    Who would not cast one gracious looke on me,
    But still with lowring and suspicious eyes,
    1800Would take exceptions at each word I spake,
    And fayne she would haue vndermined me,
    To know what my Ambassage did import:
    But she is like to hop without her hope,
    And in this matter for to want her will,
    1805Though (by report) sheele hau't in all things else.
    Well, I will poste away for Cambria:
    Within these few dayes I hope to be there, Exit.
    Enter the King and Queene of Gallia, & Mumford.
    King.By this, our father vnderstands our mind,
    1810And our kind greetings sent to him of late:
    Therefore my mind presageth ere't be long,
    We shall receyue from Brittayne happy newes.
    Cord. I feare, my sister will disswade his mind;
    For she to me hath always bin vnkind.
    1815King. Feare not, my loue, since that we know the worst,
    The last meanes helpes, if that we misse the first:
    If hee'le not come to Gallia vnto vs,
    Then we will sayle to Brittayne vnto him.
    Mum. Well,