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  • Title: The History of King Leir (Quarto, 1605)
  • Editor: Andrew Griffin

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editor: Andrew Griffin
    Peer Reviewed

    The History of King Leir (Quarto, 1605)

    and his three daughters.
    Then betweene vs we must needs haue the whole.
    Cam. The hole! how meane you that? Zlood, I hope,
    455We shall haue two holes beweene vs.
    Corn. Why, the whole Kingdome.
    Cam. I, that's very true.
    Cor. What then is left for his third daughters dowry,
    Louely Cordella, whom the world admires?
    460Cam. Tis very strange, I know not what to thinke,
    Vnlesse they meane to make a Nunne of her.
    Corn. 'Twere pity such rare beauty should be hid
    Within the compasse of a Cloysters wall:
    But howsoe're, if Leirs words proue true,
    465It will be good, my Lord, for me and you.
    Cam. Then let vs haste, all danger to preuent,
    For feare delayes doe alter his intent. Exeunt.

    Enter Gonorill and Ragan.
    Gon. Sister, when did you see Cordella last,
    470That prety piece, that thinks none good ynough
    To speake to her, because (sir-reuerence)
    She hath a little beauty extraordinary?
    Ra. Since time my father warnd her from his presence,
    I neuer saw her, that I can remember.
    475God giue her ioy of her surpassing beauty;
    I thinke, her dowry will be small ynough.
    Gon. I haue incenst my father so against her,
    As he will neuer be reclaymd agayne.
    Rag. I was not much behind to do the like.
    480Gon. Faith, sister, what moues you to beare her such good (will?
    Rag. Intruth, I thinke, the same that moueth you;
    Because she doth surpasse vs both in beauty.
    Gon. Beshrew your fingers, how right you can gesse:
    I tell you true, it cuts me to the heart.
    485Rag. But we will keepe her low enough, I warrant,
    And clip her wings for mounting vp too hye.
    Gon. Who euer hath her, shall haue a rich mariage of her.
    Rag. She were right fit to make a Parsons wife:
    For they, men say, do loue faire women well,
    B4 And