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  • Title: The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)
  • Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
  • Coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)

    of Henry the fifth.
    Robin. Thou hast robd a poore fellow,
    And taken away his goods from him.
    Theefe. I neuer sawe him before.
    Der. Maisters who comes here?
    200Enter the Vintners boy.
    Boy. How now good man Cobler?
    Cob. How now Robin, what makes thou abroad
    At this time of night?
    Boy. Marrie I haue beene at the Counter,
    205I can tell such newes as neuer you haue heard the like.
    Cobler. What is that Robin, what is the matter?
    Boy. Why this night about two houres ago, there came
    the young Prince, and three or foure more of his compani-
    ons, and called for wine good store, and then they sent for a
    210noyse of Musitians, and were very merry for the space of
    an houre, then whether their Musicke liked them not, or
    whether they had drunke too much Wine or no, I cannot
    tell, but our pots flue against the wals, and then they drew
    their swordes, and went into the streete and fought, and
    215some tooke one part, & some tooke another, but for the space
    of halfe an houre, there was such a bloodie fray as passeth,
    and none coulde part them vntill such time as the Maior
    and Sheriffe were sent for, and then at the last with much
    adoo, they tooke them, and so the yong Prince was carried
    220to the Counter, and then about one houre after, there came
    a Messenger from the Court in all haste from the king, for
    my Lord Maior and the Sheriffe, but for what cause I
    know not.
    Cobler. Here is newes indeed Robert.
    225Law. Marry neighbour, this newes is strange indeede,
    I thinke it best neighbour, to rid our hands of this fellowe
    Theefe. What meane you to doe with me?
    Cobler. We mean to carry you to the prison, and there
    230to remaine till the Sessions day.
    B Theefe