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  • Title: The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)
  • Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
  • Coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)

    The famous victories
    But good my Lord, go and speake to the Captaines
    With all speed, to number the hoast of the French men,
    And by that meanes we may the better know
    1140How to appoint the battell.
    Yorke. And it please your Maiestie,
    There are many of your men sicke and diseased,
    And many of them die for want of victuals.
    Hen.5. And why did you not tell me of it before?
    1145If we cannot haue it for money,
    We will haue it by dint of sword,
    The lawe of Armes allow no lesse.
    Oxf. I beseeche your grace, to graunt me a boone.
    Hen.5. What is that my good Lord?
    1150Oxf. That your grace would giue me the
    Euantgard in the battell.
    Hen.5. Trust me my Lord of Oxford. I cannot:
    For I haue alreadie giuẽ it to my vncke y^e Duke of York,
    Yet I thanke you for your good will.
    1155A Trumpet soundes.
    How now, what is that?
    Yorke. I thinke it be some Herald of Armes.
    Enters a Herald.
    Herald. King of England, my Lord high Constable,
    1160And others of the Noble men of France,
    Sends me to defie thee, as open enemy to God,
    Our Countrey, and vs, and hereupon,
    They presently bid thee battell.
    Hen.5. Herald tell them, that I defie them,
    1165As open enemies to God, my Countrey, and me,
    And as wronfull vsurpers of my right:
    And whereas thou saist they presently bid me battell,
    Tell them that I thinke they know how to please me:
    But I pray thee what place hath my lord Prince Dolphin
    1170Here in battell.
    Herald. And it please your grace,