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  • Title: The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)
  • Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
  • Coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)

    of Henry the fifth.
    With good audience.
    895Archb. God saue the mightie King of England,
    My Lord and maister, the most Christian king,
    Charles the seuenth, the great & mightie king of France,
    As a most noble and Christian king,
    Not minding to shed innocent blood, is rather content
    900To yeeld somewhat to your vnreasonable demaunds,
    That if fiftie thousand crownes a yeare with his daughter
    The said Ladie Katheren, in marriage,
    And some crownes which he may wel spare,
    Not hurting of his kingdome,
    905He is content to yeeld so far to your vnreasonable desire.
    Hen.5. Why then belike your Lord and maister,
    Thinks to puffe me vp with fifty thousand crowns a yere,
    No tell thy Lord and maister,
    That all the crownes in France shall not serue me,
    910Except the Crowne and kingdome it selfe:
    And perchance hereafter I wil haue his daughter.
    He deliuereth a Tunne of Tennis balles.
    Archb. And it please your Maiestie,
    My Lord Prince Dolphin greets you well,
    915With this present.
    He deliuereith a Tunne of Tennis Balles.
    Hen.5. What a guilded Tunne?
    I pray you my Lord of Yorke, looke what is in it?
    Yorke. And please your Grace,
    920Here is a Carpet and a Tunne of Tennis balles.
    Hen.5. A Tunne of Tennis balles?
    I pray you good my Lord Archbishop,
    What might the meaning thereof be?
    Archb. And it please you my Lord,
    925A messenger you know, ought to keepe close his message,
    And specially an Embassador.
    Hen.5. But I know that you may declare your message
    To a king, the law of Armes allowes no lesse.
    D3 Archb.