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  • Title: The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)
  • Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
  • Coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

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    Author: Anonymous
    Editors: Karen Sawyer Marsalek, Mathew Martin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth (Quarto, 1598)

    of Henry the fifth.
    Iohn. But Dericke, though we be so poore,
    yet wil we haue in store a crab in the fire,
    With nut-browne ale, that is full stale,
    Which wil a man quaile, and laie in the mire.
    480Der. A bots on you, and be but for your Ale,
    Ile dwel with you, come lets away as fastas we can.
    Enter the yoong Prince, with Ned and Tom.
    Hen.5. Come away sirs, Gogs wounds Ned,
    485Didstthou not see what a boxe on the eare
    I tooke my Lord chiefe Iustice?
    Tom. By gogs blood it did me good to see it,
    It made his teeth iarre in his head.
    Enter sir Iohn Old-Castle.
    490Hen.5. How now sir Iohn Old-Castle,
    What newes with you?
    Ioh. Old. I am glad to see your grace at libertie,
    I was come I, to visit you in prison.
    Hen.5. To visit me, didst thou not know that I am a
    495Princes son, why tis inough for me to looke into a prison,
    though I come not in my selfe, but heres such adoo now a=
    dayes, heres prisoning, heres hanging, whipping, and the
    diuel and all, but I tel you sirs, when I am King, we will
    haue no such things, but my lads, if the old king my father
    500were dead, we would be all kings.
    Ioh. Old. Hee is a good olde man, God take him to his mercy the sooner.
    Hen.5. But Ned,so soone as I am King, the first thing
    I wil do, shal be to put my Lord chiefe Justice out of office,
    And thou shalt be my Lord chiefe Justice of England.
    505Ned. Shall I be Lord chiefe Justice?
    By gogs wounds, ile be the brauest Lord chiefe Justice
    That euer was in England.
    Hen.5. Then Ned, ile turne all these prisons into fence
    Schooles, and I will endue thee with them, with landes to
    C main=