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  • Title: Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)
  • Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak

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    Author: Robert Greene
    Editors: Christopher Hicklin, Christopher Matusiak
    Peer Reviewed

    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay (Quarto)

    The honourable historie of Frier Bacou.
    Carued out like to the portall of the sunne,
    Shall not be such as rings the English strond:
    240From Douer to the market place of Rie.
    Burden. Is this possible?
    Miles. Ile bring ye to or three witnesses.
    Burden. What be those?
    Miles. Marry sir three or foure as honest diuels, and good
    245companions as any be in hell.
    Mason. No doubt but magicke may doe much in this,
    For he that reades but Mathematicke rules,
    Shall finde conclusions that auaile to worke,
    Wonders that passe the common sense of men.
    250Burden. But Bacon roues a bow beyond his reach,
    And tels of more than magicke can performe:
    Thinking to get a fame by fooleries,
    Haue I not past as farre in state of schooles:
    And red of many secrets, yet to thinke,
    255That heads of Brasse can vtter any voice,
    Or more, to tell of deepe philosophie,
    This is a fable AEsop had forgot.
    Bacon. Burden, thou wrongst me in detracting thus,
    Bacon loues not to stuffe himselfe with lies:
    260But tell me fore these Doctors if thou dare,
    Of certaine questions I shall moue to thee.
    Burden. I will aske what thou can.
    Miles. Marrie sir heele straight be on your pickpacke to
    knowe whether the feminine or the masculin gender be most
    Bacon. Were you not yesterday maister Burden at Henly
    vpon the Thembs?
    Burden. I was, what then?
    Bacon. What booke studied you there on all night?
    270Burden. I, none at all I red not there a line.
    Bacon. Then doctors, Frier Bacons art knowes nought.
    Clement. What say you to this maister Burden doth hee not
    touch you?